About This

A weekly podcast hosted by Pastor Ty Schenzel and former Hope Center for Kids youth Frank Lucas, Wordz from the Hood hopes to provide a window into the heart of life in the inner city.

Topics of the podcast will include
// Street Economics
// Neighborhood vs Gang
// Retaliation vs Forgiveness
// Snitching
// White people stereotypes from the hood
// Loss of Black History
Wordz from the hood works to validate the hearts and lives of those living in a context and culture of hopelessness. Stay tuned for updates.
Who We Are
Ty Schenzel
Frank Lucas
Ty is a father to the fatherless. He was born in Montana and raised in Nebraska. He is a husband to Terri and father to Emily, Annie, Tyler, and Turner. He is the founder & executive director of Hope Center for Kids. As a father, Ty believes that if he loves his kids deeply, crazily, and unconditionally that they can see life, God, and their futures with hope and expectation.

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Frank grew up in a family with 14 brothers and sisters in the Midwest. Frank’s neighborhood was known for gang activity, crime and poverty. That’s the hard stuff. As for the good stuff, everyone in the Hood stuck together, communicated all the time and were loyal to one another.